Welcome to EGZ Productions

If you are looking for superior film and video production services, then you have come to the right place. EGZ Productions is a Tampa-based video production and film production studio with contacts in Los Angeles California and throughout the world. We tailor our services based on the needs of your project. Whether you are looking to boost your business with a full advertisement campaign, or if you have a feature film that you are looking to shoot, EGZ productions has the right video production and film production knowledge to get the job done beyond your expectations.

While searching for other video production of film production companies, you may have become shocked by their pricing. Unlike these other production companies, we offer affordable solutions to your video production and film production needs. With the rise of digital cinema, it is now possible to achieve affordable cinematic works that rival those found in big Hollywood productions.

Our equipment has been selected to fit the most demanding video production and film production tasks. EGZ Productions uses cameras and lenses that are designed to bring out the best possible images. Our editing suite and mobile editing systems are filled with the hardware and software to handle HD as well as 4K cinema workflows. We also have an extensive crew of video production and film production professionals who are trained and willing to use our equipment to its maximum potential in order to get the product that you are looking for. If we do not have a specific piece of equipment that you want to use on your video production or film production, then we will be more than happy to source it for you within 24 hours.

At EGZ productions we are unlimited in our abilities to create stunning works along the lines of both video production and film production. We put our heart, soul, and more importantly, everything that you desire to see into each and every project. Our video production services include but are not limited to event video production, corporate video production, training video production, and commercial video production. EGZ Productions is also one of the few professional video production studios to specialize in film production. Our advanced team has worked on numerous feature films throughout the country and the world. We provide film production services such as producing for film production, directing for film production, cinematography for film production, and we also rent out our equipment for film production.

When you want your video production or film production to be completed to its maximum potential, then you need a production company that will be able to truly understand your needs. At EGZ Productions we understand your film production and video production needs as if they were our own. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our extensive video production of film production services.